As of 2018, the energy intelligence company ranks among the 10 most attractive
startups for the corporate market at 100 Open Startups.

For the second year in a row, Brazilian energy intelligence company Fohat is among the top 10 energy innovation companies in the 100 Open Startups Ranking, which ranks the most attractive startups for the corporate market. The two-time achievement is a recognition from market and business experts for presenting solutions to the energy market, which can positively and profoundly impact the energy consumption of Brazilian society in the coming years. The award ceremony for the Great Energy Challenges category was announced this week during the Whow! innovation festival (held on July 23 rd , 24 th , and 25 th ) in São Paulo – an event that featured large players in Brazilian entrepreneurship, such as Fabiana Fragia (Ayrton Senna Institute), Thais Brum (Google), Eduardo Fleury (KAYAK Brazil), Felipe Mendes (Latam, GfK), Rafaela Pogrebinschi (Pepsico Brasil), and Vanessa Souza (Cabify).

For Igor Ferreira, CEO and founder of Fohat, the two-time achievement validates and values the work done in the two years of company operation.

“Being among the top 10 once again means that we are on the right track and that
the mission of generating benefits for the planet, people, and organizations with
inclusive development, social inclusion, and well-being makes sense,” he says.

Fohat is considered a benchmark in the energy sector because its innovative solutions enable the clean energy free market and are aligned with the global energy sector 3D policy (decarbonization, decentralization, and digitization). It is, for example, the first and only company in Latin America to apply blockchain energy in solutions for the energy sector, operating at the generation and accumulation ends (with energy management and dispatch of distributed generation assets), commercialization, and consumption of energy. 

The prize:

The award has been given since 2016 by 100 Open Startups, an international platform that connects large companies and startups and ranks, each year, the most attractive startups for the corporate market in 21 categories. In addition to giving greater visibility and certifying businesses, the ranking is one of the main ways in Brazil to generate business between these two worlds and provides priority and exclusive benefits to the companies in 100 Open Startups ranking.

In 2019, 8,600 startups applied, but only 895 reported relationships that were validated by the corporate market. Meanwhile, 2,200 corporations applied and 876 reported valid relationships with startups.

As an energy intelligence company, Fohat analyzes the behavior of society, the economy, and the advancement of human knowledge. Thus, it can anticipate and define scenarios and apply innovation in strategic-operational and technological solutions that enable the sustainable operation of clean energy systems in any country in the world.

Brazil-Australia Connection

Headquartered in Curitiba – a World Top21 Smart City, as ranked by the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF) – and Melbourne – a World Top10 Smart City as ranked by the Eden Strategy Institute –, Fohat has organized solutions on eight platforms to serve the market in the Power Generation and Energy Trading segments. Fohat may service any company or organization in the first, second or tertiary sectors, in any market segment, both public and private.  


In Australia, since 2018, with Startupbootcamp, Fohat has been operating at Queen Victoria Market, the largest open-air market in the southern hemisphere. With intelligence and innovation, it is implementing a microgrid management system, renewing the solar energy management and battery management system and integrating both so that Queen Victoria Market achieves energy self-sufficiency and rational use of surplus, to optimize its own consumption system or even, depending on the interest of the company’s partners, be used by their partner merchants. 


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