This is our new communication channel with you, through which we will share weekly unpublished content related to the Fohat business and to the territories in which the company operates. You will find them divided into four categories.

In World Changing Energy we show how Fohat contributes to a better world by democratizing production, consumption, and access to clean or alternative energy. Energy Intelligence focuses on energy and technology related topics (that is, blockchain, exchanges, certifications…) The Fohat DNA category covers both brand and board institutional issues –you will know all about them here. We also reserved a space for the News, that is, the latest news from Fohat published in the national and international press.

We want to transform the lives of others with energy intelligence in Brazil and around the world. And we want to do this to you. Feel free to contact us here or through any of our channels. We are ready for this change. Are you?


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