Fohat was the only Brazilian company to take part in Power and Utilities Conference and Expo. in Australia, the country’s premier power and energy event, gathered the world’s top 300 most innovative energy companies in Melbourne, on August 14-15. And yes, Fohat was also there. In addition to consolidating our business model in the local market, with some of Australia’s public bodies and key players in the energy sector, we took part in one of the event’s leading panels as a Brazilian energy intelligence company.

Our CEO and founder Igor Ferreira was there to represent us, together with Renan Schepanski, Head of Sales & Marketing, and Douglas Ferreira, Head of Global Business Development. By the way, Douglas took part in the Initiate! Startupbootcamp Panel Discussion, organized by our key strategic partner in Australia. He talked about Fohat’s business solution for Queen Victoria Market, an energy intelligence platform that will enable Queen Vic to achieve its energy self-sufficiency to cool the historic building where the largest open-air market in the Southern Hemisphere is located. 

In addition to Douglas, who is in charge of our Melbourne headquarter, other panellists included Anthony Wiseman, Head of New Products, Innovation and Solutions, at Energy Australia, and Adam Bumpus, CEO and Co-Founder, at RedGrid. For over one hour, they shared their business cases with the audience and discussed on the global energy challenges of the future, moderated by charismatic Startupbootcamp CEO Trevor Townsend (don’t miss what he said about Fohat on the IGTV video posted on our official Instagram page).

Our Head of Sales & Marketing Renan Schepanski told us about the amazing experience of introducing Fohat to a large audience from Australian and Asia Pacific markets, in addition to meeting some of the most interesting disruptors in the energy sector – after all, the world’s most innovative energy companies where all there. 

Our representatives who attended the event believe that “participation in the event and the feedback received demonstrate that Fohat is in the right path to grow its global footprint, aligned with the 3Ds of Energy (Decentralization, Digitization and Decarbonization) and that effectively delivers benefits to society and sector players”.

Fohat in Australia, new collaborations established

Although Fohat’s main purpose in taking part in the Power ± Utilities Australia Conference and Expo was to present our energy intelligence solutions, it was not the only one. While the board’s three fohackers were in the land of cute kangaroos, they filled up their agendas with an intense schedule of meetings in Melbourne, Sidney and Adelaide.

At the City Hall of Melbourne, Igor Ferreira, Douglas Ferreira and Renan Schepanski met John Griffiths and Liam Henderson from the Melbourne Department of Sustainability. As Igor said, “it was an amazing opportunity to personally share the latest news on our Queen Vic project and deepen our links with our partners in Melbourne’s government bodies”. We are partnering with both Startupbootcamp and the Melbourne City Government. 


Back in Brazil, our fohackers also brought a new partner under the belt to Fohat: DB Results, a digital business consulting and technology company that works with a government and corporate focus including utilities, energy and financial services. Now, it will be backing Fohat’s project management, business strategy and regulatory analysis activities in Australia. Douglas, who will be in charge of optimizing the board’s efforts to expand our institutional relationships in Australia, explains that meeting clients, prospects and regulatory agency officials demonstrate that we can also harness our solutions in support of the energy sector’s future.


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