CURITIBA | The road to launching a successful business anywhere in the world can be long and, sometimes, arduous. In this process, Fohat is assisted and guided by a number of renowned and respected strategic partners, such as the Founder Institute (FI). Founded ten years ago by entrepreneur Adeo Ressi and his colleague, Jonathan Greechan, FI is the world’s largest pre-seed startup accelerator, with impressive figures that include having helped to launch more than 4,000 companies across over 185 cities, in 65 countries on six continents. Additionally, its portfolio of mentored businesses exceeds US$ 20 billion.

Founder Institute operates in two key areas involving the design, development and implementation stages. On the one side, the accelerator holds a mentoring program to help startups transition from pre-seed to growth and expansion. In other words, in order to move away from the unstructured early stage, the accelerator provides the necessary feedback and support to assist startups through their lifecycle towards becoming a successful technology company, from ideation to validation, early traction, and scaling. FI also provides fundraising assistance to the market’s most promising and progressive businesses. This is what FI calls Select Portfolio, which has recently included Fohat!

Fohat and the Select Portfolio

With a mission to “Globalize Silicon Valley”, FI has created the Select Portfolio to promote the top 2% of its mentoring program graduates. The Select Portfolio represents the elite FI graduates that have demonstrated strong early traction, with the potential to quickly scale and grow into an enduring, global business. In order to facilitate this growth, these high performance alumni – in the advanced pre-seed stage – receive increased support from FI experts, including fundraising assistance, strategic advisory help, access to special events and partnerships, and more.

After completion of the pre-seed funding round, when it secured 550,000 USD in angel investment and additional 1.4 MUSD in grants, Fohat has been the only Brazilian company included in the Select Index IX that lists 24 companies from around the world. In addition to the perks already mentioned, Select Index companies can receive direct investments from FI mentors and network members, with particularly favorable conditions compared to those offered by investment funds in the financial market. In 2017, Fohat has been a top graduate from FI’s accelerator program. Click here to know more about the Select Portfolio.


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