Welcome to the future of energy distribution in the world.



Fohat is a technology research and development company focused on the energy sector.

Fohat is a technology research and development company focused on the energy sector. We work with integrated solutions and develop software focused on the optimization of generation assets and the digitalization of energy commercialization. We develop customized projects according to the needs of each market player, providing safer and more efficient operations for the entire energy chain.

Our journey has started in the city of Curitiba, Brazil, in 2017, and today we operate on solving energy sector problems in the local and global markets. We use technologies such as Blockchain, Tokenomics, Advanced Metering and Big Data to develop software solutions to manage distributed and decentralized energy resources, besides proposing and executing innovative solutions for the digitalization of the energy trading.

Top 10 in the world

We are recognized by 100 Open Startups as one of the 10 most innovative companies in the energy sector and have acquired the title of first cleantech in Latin America to develop advanced solutions for energy Microgrids and Smartgrids with the use of Blockchain. In December 2018, Fohat came to be the only startup in Latin America selected for the Startupbootcamp Energy Australia acceleration program, drawing the attention of the four corners of the world.

In 2019, we have started our performance in the city of Melbourne, Australia, using our expertise to develop customized technology solutions to meet a set of defined needs and opportunities in the renewal of Queen Victoria Market, the traditional local market.

Our team is composed of energy experts and engineers with large experience in product and software development, project management and energy trading. We also have an excellent board of advisers connected to the Brazilian electric sector.


Igor Ferreira
CEO I Founder

Electrical Engineer specialized in Renewable Energies and Microgrids with Executive MBA in Brazilian Electrical Sector Administration. At Fohat, he is founder, CEO and responsible for the Market Intelligence, Projects and Engineering areas.

Renan Schepanski
Head of Sales & Marketing and co-founder

At Fohat, he is co-founder and responsible for Marketing and Sales, acting as head of communication and global institutional relationship. He is also manager of the product pipeline, connecting the market to the brand.

Dani Paes
Head of Human Development and co-founder

With the mission of inspiring transformations in people's lives through a mentality of well-being and self-care, Dani is a Fohat Co-founder and head of Human Development.

Douglas Ferreira
Head of Global Development and co-founder

Industrial electronic engineer. At Fohat, he is responsible for the development of new business models in potential markets and the company’s global expansion.

Francisco Leal
Head of Technology Operations and co-founder

Automation analyst. At Fohat, he is responsible for technology operations, especially the ones connected to developments with Blockchain, Tokenomics, Advanced Metering and Big Data.