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Human Development

Investing in Human Development means investing in individual and collective abilities of people, promoting the achievement of their full potential, the expansion of their possibilities and the freedom of living the life they want. The implementation of a Human Development sector at Fohat has the function to ensure that professional and personal development go forward together, without letting productivity cause any harm to the mind and the body.

To achieve this balance, Fohat has implemented in the daily routine meditation techniques in a simple and scientific way, given that the practice of meditation is highly beneficial to our attention, memory and quality of life in general, according to several scientific studies. As a result, we have a happier and healthier team in interpersonal relationships, and we are more aware of our responsibilities to society.

With our focus and our energy well directed, we have become more efficient in the task of making the talents and skills of our team act as transforming agents of reality. We value the quality of life, the well-being and the high performance inside and outside the corporate universe, always believing in a healthier and more balanced world.

Through our Fohacker Journey program, we provide a path to self-knowledge that directly impacts the polishing of our professionals. Become part of our team and discover the benefits of growing in a humanized company concerned with employee satisfaction.


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