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Case: Brazil’s first organized over-the-counter energy trading platform for AES São Paulo.


Location: São Paulo

Partner organizations: AES Tietê and Energy Web Foundation (EWF)

Original situation: One of  Brazil’s largest renewable electricity generation companies, AES Tietê did not have an organized over-the-counter platform to trade energy generated by its brick-and-mortar and virtual power plants. Nor could it issue renewable energy certificates (I-RECs) with the use of blockchain technology.

Fohat solution: We used energy intelligence solutions to assess the entire history of AES Tietê and the Brazilian energy market in order to launch AES’s Energy Intelligence Project. The initiative will introduce an organized over-the-counter (OTC) energy trading platform with an edge: the digital environment that allows trading energy with central counterparty clearing (CCP), which ensures clearing and settlement of bilateral energy contracts for both buyers and sellers. Along with increased security, our platform will ensure data reliability and enhance scalability in energy trading, thanks to integration between financial intelligence and encryption of smart contracts with the use of blockchain technology. Today, Brazil’s free market (Ambiente de Contratação Livre – ACL) accounts for 30% of the energy traded. The Brazilian Energy Regulator ANEEL intends the market to be totally free by 2028, which means there is a growing trend towards opening up. In addition, Fohat will integrate Virtual Power Plants with the OTC market. Thanks to collaboration with the Energy Web Foundation (EWF), the platform will allow AES to issue renewable energy certificates (I-RECs). Brazil is the second largest issuer of I-RECs worldwide, with 500,000 certificates issued in the first half of 2019 (equivalent to half a million megawatt hours).

Find out more about AES Tietê’s Energy Intelligence project on our Blog and Press Release.

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