I-Grid Certificate of Origin

Selling or Buying Certificates of Origin in Brazil has never been simpler and safer

I-Grid CO is a tamper-proof, invasion-proof marketplace for certificates of origin, or I-RECs: it regulates criteria for data security and authentication and ensures the authenticity of the traded paper.

This is the business of certifiable energy, that is, clean energy that can be certified. The seller may be an individual or a public or private organization who wishes to certify the source of their generated clean energy. The buyer may be a public or private organization that intends to prove the use of clean or renewable energy and its commitment to sustainability in its policies.



  • Automation of operations in issuing, buying, selling and redemption.
  • Reduction of operational costs.
  • Guarantee of authenticity of the I-REC.
  • Enables highly granular issuance of I-RECs even for distributed mini and microgeneration.

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