Trading Line

Solutions that ensure the digitization of energy trading to promote peer-to-peer transactive energy (P2PTE) using blockchain, tokenomics, artificial intelligence, advanced metering, and big data.

The solutions in this line serve energy trading in organized or non-organized over-the-counter markets. In organized markets, it also plays the role of the central counterparty, with the custody and liquidation of bilateral contracts. Also, the Trading Line includes marketplaces for the processes of issuing and trading of certificates of origin (I-RECs) and sale of Distributed Generation batches.

Terminal Broker

Efficiency, agility, and security for commercialization

Raptor Non-organized Market

Direct buying and selling of energy with financial reliability

Raptor Organized Market

Liquidity, scalability and 100% secure buying and selling counter


Financial Institutions meet the best solution to operate in the energy market.

Raptor + Turing

We are ready for the Energy Exchange

I-Grid Certificate of Origin

Selling or Buying Certificates of Origin in Brazil has never been simpler and safer

I-Grid Autonomous Assets

Marketplace for DER: sell your energy with reliability and safety

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Solutions for the energy sector: integration and trading.