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Fohat develops innovative solutions to benefit of consumers and public and private agents through efficient, flexible and reliable systems.

The global energetic sector offers great opportunities and challenges, from the transition to a cleaner and renewable matrix to the digitalization up to the entrance of new technologies. Among the trends driving reformulation in the energy market, the three pillars that stand out are decentralization, digitization and decarbonization.

Decentralization is responsible for enabling consumers to produce locally the energy they need, while digitization encourages the development of advanced software that manages and controls this new modality of distribution. Decarbonization, in turn, refers to the synergy between global markets that seek to leverage the use of clean energy, investing in a more sustainable future.

Fohat develops solutions aligned with these three pillars, always with a view to prospering and balancing the global energy market. We collaborate for the digitalization through the development of Over-The-Counter solutions (Raptor), Clearing House (Turing) and Energy Exchange (T-Rex). In the decentralization area, we work with Microgrids and VPPs (I-Grid) controllers, contributing to the new organization of this market that has been built. And finally, we have Certificates of Origin that support the investment in renewable energy sources, encouraging the purpose of decarbonization.

In order to improve the standard and remove obstacles to the growth and development of global energy sectors, it is essential to establish a revolution in technology and innovation for the construction of more efficient systems with better long-term performance.

Based on this scenario, Fohat was created to follow and promote technological changes that contribute to the evolution of the research, development and innovation areas of the energy sector, with priority on the continuous improvement of performance indicators, quality of operations and the reliability of transactions.

Using Blockchain technology, we have developed software solutions to integrate distributed energy resources (iDER) and promote peer-to-peer transactive energy (P2P TE), as well as software for the digitalization and management of energy trading with greater optimization. The Blockchain application within this sector makes possible the construction of a more efficient system, betting on the decentralization and democratization of the energy chains.

A platform of integration and dispatch of Distributed Energy Resources in arrangements such as Microgrids and Virtual Power Plants (VPP). Its main benefits are energetic resilience, integration and economic optimization.



Virtual Power Plants (VPP)

Demand Response

T-REX (Tokenized eneRgy EXchange) is a digital platform for multilateral exchange market operations and contracts.

Non-Tokenized Energy Exchange

Tokenized Energy Exchange

Autonomous Assets

Certificates of Origin

The RAPTOR (Rapid Tokenized Over-the-Counter) is a digital platform of contracts and settlement for the ambient of over-the-counter contracts. As well as standardizing contracts, it provides more agility, cost reduction and cryptographic security for each transaction.

Home Broker Over-the-Counter (OTC) unorganized and non-tokenized

Home Broker Over-the-Counter (OTC) organized and non-tokenized

Home Broker Over-the-Counter (OTC) organized and tokenized

TURING (Tokenized cUstody & cleaRING) is a platform of custody and clearing of energy contracts.