Who we are

We are Fohat, a group of people working to trigger the positive transformation of other people’s lives with energy intelligence elsewhere in the world. We are proudly a Brazilian energy intelligence company that offers innovative solutions to enable a free market for clean energy across the world, by providing efficiency and cheaper energy, with the mission of making a positive impact on the planet, people and organizations, with inclusive and sustainable development, responsibly delivering value for the society, the environment and the economy, with social inclusion and wellbeing. This is fully in line with the global 3D energy model (decarbonization, decentralization, and digitalization).

As an energy intelligence company, we analyze the behavior of society from an economic perspective to better understand the pattern and need of the people, as well as the advancement of human knowledge, in order to anticipate and define scenarios and apply innovation to get strategical, operational and technological solutions that enable the sustainable and clean energy systems in any country. We have been working to cope with existing and future problems in Brazil, Australia an elsewhere in the world.

blockchain para energia energy for a better life

We are proud to be the first (and only) company in Latin America to apply the  blockchain to the energy sector.

We play a leading role in the global energy framework as a signatory of the Energy Web Foundation at the launch of the Energy Web Chain (EWC) in June of 2019. With headquarters in Curitiba and São Paulo (Brazil) and Melbourne (Australia), we operate globally and in various segments in the public and private sectors, in the integration area (distributed energy resources), commercialization and power consumption.

By offering competitive advantage associated with flexibility and dynamism we have been stood out since our solutions are useful to individual citizens as well as companies from different market sectors at any chain of the system’s link: integration (with distributed energy resources), commercialization and consumption.

We achieved market recognition and validation: in 2018 and 2019 we were ranked among the top 10 most innovative energy companies by 100 Open Startups, a Brazilian business publication that ranks best startups among over hundreds for the corporates.


From a semantic origin associated with the Tibetan, Greek, and Egyptian universes, Fohat represents the movement of the force of creation in search of simplification of the complex energy cycle towards a more sustainable world, based on a view that the ideal matrix is that of clean energy.

We also believe that democratic access to clean energy is the passport to an evolutionary transition for people and countries.

Our brand building goes through a solid foundation – the corporate culture created by our founders Igor Ferreira and Dani Paes – which values human development as a means to achieve a real and pragmatic innovation environment. We believe that the greater the awareness of a person concerning about themselves and the world around them, the healthier work in the energy intelligence industry will be.

Our team consists of a multidisciplinary group of engineers with experience in the energy, automotive, and technology sectors, as well as specialists from different areas with hands-on experience in project, service and product development in various market segments. Together we create and live in an environment where the direction we’re headed is to deliver energy for a better life.

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