AES Tietê’s Energy Intelligence Project

Get to know Brazil’s first organized over-the-counter energy trading platform that also integrates virtual power plants and issuance of I-RECs

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To guide the performance and creation of solutions that generate competitive advantage.


Yes, we are a plural world and it is quite right to follow and understand the needs of all.


To streamline and give more purpose to life.
Life purpose gets more driven by uncomplicated ways.


To establish Fair trade and balance the people-environment-economy ecosystem.
Because we believe in balance and fair exchange people-environment-economy ecosystem.

energy symbol trading

energy intelligence:

we are ready to trigger positive transformation in people’s lives

We are people working to positively transform other people’s lives with energy intelligence in Brazil and around the world. Pay attention to solutions that are ready to transform your everyday life, your business efficiency or the planet's survival with clean energy. It is the innovation applied in practice to enable quite new ways to generate, consume, and trade energy directly, simply, and cheaply.

Intelligence for energy integration and trading

Why energy? Get to know our story

We started in Curitiba in 2017, but we are already in São Paulo and arrived in Melbourne with innovation aligned with the global energy 3Ds goals: decarbonization, decentralization and digitalization.

what move us

Energy to transform

We are Fohat, a group of people working to trigger the positive transformation of other people's lives with energy intelligence elsewhere in the world. We are proudly a Brazilian energy intelligence company that offers innovative solutions to enable a free market for clean energy across the world, by providing efficiency and cheaper energy, with the mission of making a positive impact on the planet, people and organizations, with inclusive and sustainable development, responsibly delivering value for the society, the environment and the economy, with social inclusion and wellbeing.

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