Welcome to the future of energy distribution in the world.

Fohat develops innovative solutions to benefit consumers and public and private agents through efficient, flexible and reliable systems.

We work with integrated solutions and develop software focused on the optimization of generation assets and the digitalization of energy trading. We develop customized projects according to the needs of each market player, providing safer and more efficient operations for the entire energy chain.

Using Blockchain technology, we have developed software solutions to integrate distributed energy resources (iDER) and promote peer-to-peer transactive energy (P2P TE), as well as software for the digitalization and management of energy trading with greater optimization.


A platform of integration and dispatch of Distributed Energy Resources in arrangements such as Microgrids and Virtual Power Plants (VPP). Its main benefits are energetic resilience, integration and economic optimization.


T-REX (Tokenized eneRgy EXchange) is a digital platform for multilateral exchange market operations and contracts.


The RAPTOR (Rapid Tokenized Over-the-Counter) is a digital platform of contracts and settlement for the ambient of over-the-counter contracts. As well as standardizing contracts, it provides more agility, cost reduction and cryptographic security for each transaction.


TURING (Tokenized cUstody & cleaRING) is a platform of custody and clearing of energy contracts.